The party went through the Rathgaunt Mote Abbey, and fought off legions of Zombie Gnome monks (little m monks).

After losing their friend Celver Phingera into a portal, a new friend showed up!

They fought through to the small temple and found a silvery liquid.

They returned it to the mage’s guild where a boootfiul woman was like “yo give me that shit”.

They was like.. no. Then she was like.. “how bout for these perty gems”.. they still said ummm. so she said “I’ll fuck you up if you dont give it up..” so they did. Yay. then she spoke in primordial, opened a true portal to what looked like the city of brass.. and bounced.

Out of the frying pan, into the dark

During their daring escape from the underdark our intrepid adventurers dove through a portal to Waterdeep only to find themselves lying face down in the dust in a pitch black room.

Upon expending a sun rod they discover that they are in a stone room with masonry indicative of dwarven crafts men. There is a large stone door that with a titanic effort of will and strength they open only to find themselves staring at a large group of zombies.

Moving into the room to confront the confused and hungry looking zombies the Deva Swordmage discovers that a trap has been placed in the room but seems to have malfunctioned. When he steps on a lose tile flames erupt from pillars bathing the room in a glow of magic fire. It also illuminates a second group of zombies proceeding at our heroes from their right eastern flank.

Showing no fear or bravado the party leaps into action and battle ensues. The fight is overly quickly an efficiently as ten mindless zombies is no match for the slavery hardened muscles and survival instincts of the group.

After dispatching their foes they discover another large stone door barrier, this one without convenient handles. Upon searching the room the door is discovered to open with the use of two rigged torches. One torch is tied into the right postion and the rapidly decomposing bodies of the zombies are used to brace the other torch and our heroes proceed into the out hall.

Once in the hall they realize they are in a Dwarven temple, the likes of which don’t exist anywhere in Waterdeep.

After exploring their area they discover another door. Unfortunately when they go to open the door an elemental bursts forth from the ceremonial forge in order to halt their progress.

Having had quite enough of this nonsense for one day our heroes lay a beating down on the magma brute the likes of which that inspire songs to be written and women to swoon.

After dispatching their foe they open the door of the temple to discover they are a thousand leagues from their destination and the quest to bring their cowardly elf companion back home will be much harder then first imagined….

Escape from Menzoberranzan

Captured by slavers and forced into the chain gangs of the underdark our four intrepid heroes were close to giving up hope.

Bought by agents of one of Waterdeeps famous merchant houses they are given the option of return to slavery or fight for their freedom.

Choosing to fight they take part in a daring escape in order to free the son of the Elven Merchant house who has been imprisoned. After fighting their way to the tunnels beneath the city they boldly infiltrate the house of of one of Menzoberranzan’s leading families.

After barricading themselves into what looks like a store room, the mage amongst the escapees began a ritual to open a gateway out of the city and back into the light. Despite Heavy losses the heroes are able to hold the room until the portal was opened and pass through in the nick of time.

Blinking into the long thought lost sunlight of a new day our heroes arrived in Waterdeep…


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